The Fox News Apocalypse

Good evening cats and kittens- welcome to one of the most dramatic Thursdays I’ve watched in a long time.  Thankfully I was insulated from most of the day while at work, but from the moment I got home to try to enjoy the little bit of relaxation I would be getting for the next few days the television has been spouting news of the impeding government apocalypse that seems to be playing itself out not 15 miles from my front door step.  Am I the only person who is just disgusted by all of the posturing and politicking going on?  HELLO!!! McFly!!!! We aren’t only talking about a government’s budget, we aren’t talking about the world hitting midnight on the doomsday clock- we are discussing the livelihoods of nearly 800,000 people.  Do me a little favor and count the number of zeros and realize that’s just the first wave.  The social programs that are “clogging” up the budget, well call me a socialist, but I’m not sure what the problem is with healthcare and retirement funds that my tax dollars and your tax dollars have paid for is.  I’m sick of hearing about how this can’t work or that can’t work because the Republicans/Democrats won’t allow this/that- this is a BS excuse.

Gentlemen and Ladies of Congress and the Senate- I invite you to get your heads out of your asses and do your jobs.  For those of you who feel that compromise is too little too late because we’ve done too much of it- TOUGH.  For those of you who are taking this as a test of game theory and brinksmanship- GET OVER YOURSELF.  This entire debate has done nothing for me, an average tax paying citizen, except make me nauseous.  There is only one person that I’ve heard speak tonight that made me want to stand up and cheer and that was Eleanor Holmes-Norton who was so pissed off at what was happening that she was spitting mad on national television.  I don’t really agree with everything that she does, but quite frankly she always has an opinion that makes a lot of sense. 

The federal budget is being held up over debates on social programs.  I say fire them all!  This is not the time to debate healthcare- this is not the time to determine DC’s ability to fund abortions with city funds- this is ABSOLUTLY NOT the time to restructure Medicaid and Medicare!  You, our civil servants, whose job it is to represent people like me are creating panic and chaos over a budget that will only cover the next 6 months!!!  What is God’s name will happen when you find yourselves incapable of creating a budget for 2012?  Maybe it’s time that you stop thinking about your own agendas and start to think about what is right for the people of this nation because this partisanship truly seems to have little to do with what we actually want.

We want jobs.  We want social programs.  We want to pay taxes.  We want to support our families.  We want to live peaceful lives.  How are you accomplishing this things?  You’re fighting for us to tax the richest people in the nation- OK, that’s cool, but what then?  Oh, you want to privatize social security, um, alright, but what then?  All of you in the capital building, you stand there spouting out these plans and solutions and you can’t honestly say that any of these will work the way that they’re supposed to.  You can’t guarantee this nation that these solutions will bring the country out of the recession or give every man, woman, and youth a job.  You stand there saying what it is that you think the people in your district want to hear, but you don’t think past your next election campaign and THAT is what has gotten this nation into the mess that we are in.

I have said this once and I will say it again- my favorite political movie is Dave with Kevin Klein.  Why, you ask?  Because the first thing that he did was bring in a regular old CPA to look at the countries books and give them an enormous reality check!  The most realistic thing that I’ve heard in the past 3 days was on NPR when one of the guests on Fresh Air clearly said that there was now way that any of these problems could be solved without raising taxes AND cutting spending.  Oh My GOD!  That is such a novel idea.  The time for every person in this country to think that there is the chance to get something for nothing ended about 2 years ago, but you- the people we have charged with running the government and assuring that every person in this country is fairly represented can’t seem to get that through your thick brains and are continuing to squabble.  Grow up.

Ans all of this isn’t even touching on the news coverage with its dramatic music and fast cuts as though we were watching a natural disaster unfold- are you kidding me?  As if people aren’t worried enough, now you need to create more drama around this minute by minute coverage than there actually is!  Just play a damned video of a polar bear playing with a beach balls for crying out loud- it would be more educational.  I’m going to hope, beyond rational hope, that the Senators and Representatives get their heads out of the asses before midnight tomorrow so that we ARE able to have the discussions about healthcare, social security, and taxes that truly need to happen. 


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