Melbourn Sand Art Exhibition 2011

Good day happy people 😀  Seeing as the post’s that have gotten the most hits are the pics I’ve found of really cool sand castles- here you go!  More sculpture for you from the indexes of, who have a fantastic post from the Melbourne Sand Art Festival 2011.  The skill that these artists show is phenomenal, not just for the imagery, but for the precision that it takes to work in this medium.  Another great artist that I love to see more work from is John Sager out in LA.  He reminds me of the Tool stop motion animation videos that mesmerized me as an angst filled teen.  Enjoy the fun!


One thought on “Melbourn Sand Art Exhibition 2011

  1. segmation says:

    Great pictures from Australia! Thanks for sharing! Please check this out and thanks for allowing my comment.

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