Royal Wedding Mania- through the eyes of an American

Good evening and happy Sunday one and all 😀  Today opened up with such a spectacular moment as I went to get my breakfast- John Waters was on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and can I say that he is hilarious!  Love him and I’m not even from Baltimore.  Then, as the day went on, I saw a striking theme emerge on standard cable- the Royal Wedding.  Yes, we are days away from the moment when Kate and Wills will finally wed.  Good on them- so why do I have to be subjected to a history of the recent Monarchy for the past week and this upcoming week?

What truly struck me about a program on TLC was the emphasis that was being put on how much the Monarchy had modernized and that Kate would not be Diana.  Thank you captain obvious.  I have kept an eye on the happenings in England, mostly since my mother had been living there up until a few months ago, but also because they are one of the most powerful developed nations in the world and as much as I hate to admit it- if one of the Princes makes an ass of himself, global stock markets would probably sway, so it is relevant.  I do have to ask, though- isn’t the media perpetuating the press stampede that plagued Diana by giving this event so much coverage?

If you truly want to have an evolution and allow the royal family to truly be the heads of the state, wouldn’t you just back off in general?  Even in America, we are star mad, but the stars have been fighting back and I say- good for them.  How many hollywood couples have secretly gotten married, had children, or even gotten divorced in the past couple of years?  It’s a trend and the paps have noticed- they are keeping tight-lipped about their private lives and in the case of Kate and Wills, it seems to have served them well as a rule.  I guess that I’ll never actually understand what it’s like to have a King or Queen of my country.  Even the President has more privacy than this family and he’s the “leader of the free world”.  The thought has been rolling around in my head though- what would they be like if they were just average, ordinary schmucks like the rest of us?  One commentator stated that Wills and Kate would love to be normal, but I wonder if they truly understand that desire.  Yes, he slept on the street for a night, yes- he went backpacking through Chile in his gap year and slept in a tent making fire and porridge, but would any of them (Kate included) truly trade the gilded cage in for poverty?  Me thinks not.


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