“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” Mark Twain

Listening to NPR this morning- this quote was running through my mind.  Today is the start of the WSJ’s predicted 11 week countdown to the US Government defaulting on its debt and I can’t honestly see the politicians in DC playing nice with each other.  I get that the newly knighted Republican Tea Party members would like to make sure that the government is cutting the deficit and not increasing it, but these are people who seem to be living outside of reality. 

Let’s run this scenario logically as I have gleaned from the incredible amounts of news coverage- they take their stand, they don’t get what they want from the President and the Democrats in the House and Senate, and then what?  The US Government defaults on loans and we go back into an even worse recession with a downgrade from Moody’s on our treasury bonds.


They stand their ground, blackmail The Whitehouse and Congress into agreeing to things like cutting social services instead of raising taxes and extending tax breaks to the wealthy and privatizing social security in order to make it solvent (because 2024 is just around the corner you know!).

I’m not a big fan of the TEA(bagger) party- I find their agenda to be short-sighted and ignorant for the most part- and this situation once again leaves a rancid taste in my mouth.  How in the hell can this country get back on its feet when you’ve got this partisan BS playing out by the very people who claim that they can fix the problems that are looming over this nation?  The second part to that bad taste is that I’m sure that there IS a more cooperative tone to the discussions taking place on capital hill right now, but due to peoples desires not to alienate their constituency’s before an election year, cooperation isn’t happening.

There is a reason that we have a representative democracy- it’s because some guys in Pennsylvania decided that we would over 200 years ago.  That being said- I stand by the idea that you will never satisfy everybody.  What should we do now?  We’ve got a country screaming for austerity plans, but unwilling to compromise the excesses that have led us into this situation (austerity may not even work that well- just look at Ireland right now).  We’re still languishing in the slowest economic climate in a generation and we have reached the limit on the credit card.  Declaring bankruptcy isn’t an option. 

There has got to be some kind of solution here that doesn’t involve anyone in Congress stomping their feet on the floor and screaming, “no, no, no” like a 3-year-old because they don’t want something.  I know that people have been adamant that compromise has been happening too much and it’s gone too far, but guess what- compromise is a part of communication.  No one person has all of the answers and is always right.  Life IS a collaboration that includes compromise.  If you want to have it all they way that you want to have it- move to a desert island and declare yourself the President, until then- do your jobs andwork on finding a solution.


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