Exercise #23

Time for the next exercise!  Only 4 more left and yes I am continuing to ignore number 21 for the moment.

Exercise #23-  Write about the best vacation you ever took.

It was one of those trips where anything that could go wrong, did.  We were 2000 miles from home when we realized that we’d forgotten the camera.  It was day 2 when my purse was stolen with both of our wallets in it as we gazed upon the leaning tower of Pisa and tried to get the angle just right for Russ to look like he was holding the precarious tower aloft. Day 4 was where that we spent the entire morning and afternoon in a waiting room at the US embassy in Rome, playing rummy and waiting for our new passports to be issued.  Day 8 was the second day of our two-day drive and we were meandering our way through the Black Forrest in Germany on route to Paris when one of the tires went flat and we realized that there was no spare.  Day 9, we had finally made it to Paris and the view from atop the Eiffel Tower was breath-taking.  The gleam of delight in Russ’s big blue eyes was the reason why I’d agreed to go and once he’d seen the sprawling city before him, I could see that light slowly dimming and his step getting a little slower.

On day 11, when we arrived in Venice, Russ was getting tired and we decided to take a leisurely gondola ride with a small booklet of postcards that had some of Canaletto’s most famous portraits of the waterways so that we could see what these places truly looked like, busting with activity.  Day 12 was the day that I told Russ I wanted to stay in and we spent the morning reminiscing about the first day that we met, our first date, and our first kiss.  It was 9am on day 13 when he took his last breath and I said good-bye to my love.  He had gotten up early and brought me breakfast from a little cafe just outside of the hotel and on the balcony to watch the crowd.

And- I’m sorry, but none of that is true.  I don’t even know anyone named Russ, but I really don’t have any wonderful vacations to share with you.  I welcome any of my two loyal readers to allow me to live vicariously through them and their stories of joy 😀


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