This post has been floating around in my head for a day or two, but it has taken a drastic turn in the past hour as I came to realize a part of the reason for my fascination with shows like Eureka and House and Warehouse 13, etc…  In each episode, the main characters are faced with seemingly insurmountable problems and one or all of their lives are at risk, but they find a way to prevail.  I truly need one of those characters to be real right now, most especially Dr. House and the resources of Global Dynamics in Eureka.  My father has been fighting some pretty big health issues for the past 9 years, the first of which only has a letter and number designation from the Mayo Clinic because they had so few cases of the disease and the second of which is Lymphoma.  The treatment for the Lymphoma has created a situation where the mystery illness has gotten worse and I can only say that I’m not 100% sure what the course of action will be next outside of a stem cell treatment.  I would like to be in Eureka and be able to call on the foremost expert on cancer treatment or the foremost diagnostician in the world so that they could figure out what is happening and swoop in at the last minute with an advanced prototype that will cure my father of everything that is wrong with his body.

And, isn’t that the appeal of fantasy for those of us that live in the real world?


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