America Needs to Get a Second Job

I have to admit to finding myself just incredibly baffled by all of the logic and reasoning behind why our elected officials in Washington, DC seem to be acting like a squabbling group of pre-teens on the student council planning the budget for a school dance.  I can honestly appreciate that the Republicans are fed up with deficit spending- I agree with them!  I whole heartedly believe that there has got to be a practical way to deal with the redonculous national debt that I and my children will inherit, but I find it to be unbelievably irresponsible for the Republicans to attempt to try this without raising any taxes.  I’m not a big fan of taxes- believe me- but how in God’s name to you pay off that unsecured credit card if you don’t get a second job?

I understand that this is a simplistic analogy.  I pose this question to those who would like to disagree with it- if we take the current revenue stream and make the cuts that are being called for as well as keeping the tax rates artificially low how are we going to deal with the principal of our debt?  Sure we can service the interest, but without a combination of cuts and increased revenue we will spend too much time just paying the interest on the card and be in debt for the rest of our natural lives.

That being said- I would love to beg congress to suck it up and take that second job at McDonald’s (AKA- compromise you stubborn SOB’s) and start to set the country right because I can guarantee that all of your debate about the state of the economy and job creation won’t mean crap if Moody’s downgrades us and we start paying higher interest on everything.  Hell, you could take that money that we’ll have to pay the banking industry for the stupidity of letting the country default and it would equal the revenue that would have been gained by getting rid of the Bush tax cuts.  Just saying.


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