Haters Gonna Hate

The Brother and Sister Team

Piper "aka Houdini" and Leo

So, it’s been an interesting day.  First- one of my cats decided to pull a Houdini and disappeared, second- in my attempt to lure her out I spent WAY too much time surfing the internet.  I really should apologize to one guy for reading through his entire blog and posting random (semi-mean, but meant jokingly) comments on his posts.  Though, I don’t feel too bad as it’s a celebrity blog and I highly doubt that he’ll even read them and or care/notice my little snarks.  My new roommate was being bored as I regaled her with the contents of my day and pointed out that I was being a hater to that guy.  I admit- I kinda was, but I also fully admit that I’m a fan and as already mentioned don’t think he’ll be in anyway effected by my dorkiness.

BUT!  As these comments tend to do- it got me thinking, what is the difference between a negative person (ie- haters) and a realistic person?  Is there a difference?  I’ve always viewed these as two different things, but there have been many moments where I felt that I was being a realist and my mother called me a pessimist.  Is it truly projecting negativity if you have solid evidence that you will fail at something?  When the main component is not self-doubt or fear is it negative to say, well, I don’t think that I have a very good chance at succeeding in that venture?

My illustrious experiences (ok, so I’m only 30, but!) have led me to the conclusion that I am a champion at failure.  I don’t just fail- I do it with flair 😉  Alternately, I have been told that being too open about your own flaws and weaknesses is also not a good thing, but I just can’t bring myself to lie about things like that- it’s a little pointless.  I have, however, learned the very hard lesson that for the most part- people in the real world don’t actually care what you have to say- they want to hear how you will advance their point of view.  There are exceptions to this, but I will generalize on that statement (and you know who you are…).

That’s one reason why I love my cats.  They will tell you when they want something, they will leave you alone if they don’t, as long as you clean the litter box you won’t have any issues with that (and yes there are always exceptions), but they will tell you when they want affection and they will make clear when they do not- they are complex, but they are ever so much simpler than people.  I don’t think that I have any great insight into this one tonight, but I wanted to get it down before I’d forgotten.


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