The Beginning: Tearmann Springs

The first name by which they were known was the taker of life, the second name, the bringer of life.  An energy that was not created, but simply is.  In the concussion of the big bang they were many, but now they are spread across the vast expanse of the ever growing universe.  Some have found their home, upon this blue planet, to which they rode on meteors and comets- landing in a plume of fire and rock and melting into the newly forming sphere, finding little nooks and crevices from which to watch the evolution of the tiny organisms that surrounded them.  Slowly, at first, as if viewing a Petri Dish growing bacteria, Man evolved from Protozoa to Algae to Plants to Animals before their sight, their energy seeping into all that surrounded them on the young planet.  The Energies saw that the new creatures made choices that either ensured their survival or their demise and they took a greater interest in these beings.

The planet continued to evolve and they grew more attached to each grain of sand and drop of water within its atmosphere until those that had once come from across the universe no longer remembered anything other than the planet and the home within its’ crust that had surrounded and bonded with it.  Though small creatures at first, with the melding of the Energies and the planet, evolved more complex life, spurred by its own life and tied to its own survival, for the Energies were not immortal, they simply were.  They could not be created and they could not be destroyed, but they could be changed irrevocably severing them from the comfort of their new home.

These new creatures came to be known as Man.  Man was the only being that concerned the Energies for the other life on the planet instinctually heard their calls and knew that the balance of all things was crucial, but Man, it could not hear or did not listen.  At first, these creatures did not harm the planet and a few were even able to hear the Energies calls to maintain the balance, but then they multiplied.  The more Man spread across the world, the less they listened until the Energies could take no more.  They came together in one great thought to call out to Man, to plead with them to stop, to change their path before all was destroyed, but the Energies were no longer strong enough.  So much of their strength had seeped into the planet that they could no longer leave had they wanted to.  But, man did hear them- only a few at first and with each new generation came more with open hearts and open minds.

The Energies found that Man, with all of their flaws had the capacity to change and grow just as the simple creatures had at the beginning.  They fell in love with man and found that they could see into this simple creature’s heart and know its mind.  Some of the Energies, tucked in their deep, safe homes even dared to make claims to certain Men above all of the other Energies.  And so began the call of the Source, for as Man was being watched, they too were seeing that the Energies existed and ruled the world around them.  Early on, they’d been mistaken for Gods, but as more generations grew more attuned to their Source, these men and women, these witches, also grew more bonded to each other.

The hearts of Man are not always pure and they have discovered that to merge one Source with its brother would make them stronger and now, there are men who desire to merge all of the Energies into one so that they and only they would wield the power.  These are dark days, but remember- the Source sees what is in the hearts of Men and there are those who will fight to maintain the balance of the world.


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