The Lost Son of Tearmann Springs: Part 3

So, I know that these posts aren’t getting many hits, but it’s kinda what I do ;-D

Part 1

Part 2

Trent nearly fell to the floor with the power of the vision as he made his way from the stage to his dressing room.  It was time.

“Trent? Are you alright?” the petite blond assistant squeaked.

“I’m fine.  Go to my dressing room and get that reporter out of there, please,” he rested his hand against the wall, regaining his balance.

“A-alright, are you sure that you’re okay?  Do you need some water or something?” her concern was written all over her face and he wondered how ill he must look.

“Yes, just go!” he said.  There would not be a lot of time once everything started to happen and he needed to be sure that the band would be safe from Sam Hain’s agent.  As he staggered to the room, Trent saw the reporter, Jeanine arguing with his assistant as she was being ushered down the hallway unceremoniously.  He would need to remember to give that girl a bonus.     Safely within the confines of the dressing room, Trent waited for Shawn to walk through the door.  He was back to normal, though he asked himself for the millionth time- what exactly was normal?

“Trent?” Shawn asked as he opened the door.

“Shawn, thanks for coming.  I wasn’t sure if I’d actually sent out a distress call or if that little twerp had knocked me out first,” Trent said, massaging him forehead.

“What’s going on?  I got a call from Celeste this morning saying that a man was calling for help,” Shawn looked confused and concerned- a look that Trent had never seen on him before.

“Who’s Celeste?  I sent the distress call to you, but-,” Trent broke off.  He hadn’t sent the call out yet since the Sam Hain agent wouldn’t find him until later that night at the hotel.  “Right, I guess that the call would have gone to the Crone.”

“Celeste isn’t the Crone.  She’s the Mother and you scared the hell out of her and her daughter- what’s going on?”

“Tonight- an agent named Jarvis is going to find me and take me to Riordan.  I’m not going to be able to escape,” Trent explained, “I think that it’s time for me to come home.”

“Are you sure that he said his name was Jarvis?” Shawn asked softly.

“Yes.  You were right, I should have listened to you, but-,” Trent’s voice cracked, “I was just trying to live a normal life- one where witches from an evil trans-national corporation aren’t chasing after me.  Was that too much to ask for?”  He grimaced as he realized just how bad that all sounded out loud.

“The future isn’t written.  We can try to change this.  I told you before you left that you could run or you could fight- you chose to run and now is the time to fight,” Shawn replied, “Are you ready to go?”

“The agent is going to go after my band.  We have to get them out of town, tonight,” Trent said, “Can the council protect them?”

“I don’t know, but we can’t stay here- we need to leave before Jarvis finds out that we’ve gotten involved.”  The two men left the dressing room and made their way out of the arena toward an idling Land Cruiser.  The red haired woman in the front seat smiled as the two men opened the doors, “Celeste, can you call Peter and see if he can pull some strings with the Denver FBI offices?”

“What’s going on?  That’s a big favor to ask for,” she replied, “I’m not sure that even he could pull off something like that.  Where are my manners!  Good evening, Trent.  I’m glad to see that you’re alright.  You gave me quite a scare,” Shawn got into the driver’s seat and merged the SUV with the mass of exiting concert goers.  As they neared the main gate, Celeste felt a wave of panic hit her from the back seat an instant before she felt Trent’s hand grip onto her shoulder.

“Stop, over there, it’s him!” he shouted, pointing to a group of people waiting to cross the street.

“Where?” Shawn asked.

“Just there, the blond guy with the studded belt,” Trent yelled.  Shawn and Celeste were both scanning the crowd and spotted him at the same time.

Do you see him?” Shawn asked Celeste telepathically.

Yes, but it can’t be.  I thought that we’d killed him five years ago!” she replied.

Trent confirmed his name- it’s Jarvis.

How did he survive?  I felt the life leave his body in that cabin,” Celeste asked.

“Apparently not,” Shawn said, now speaking aloud, “Peter won’t be able to help us, is Brennan still waiting in the parking lot?”  Trent was now confused and his fear was growing.

“What are you talking about, Shawn!  He’s here- my friends are in danger!” he shouted, reaching for the door.  Before he could make a run for the blond man he knew to be Jarvis, Shawn had twisted around in his seat and knocked the frightened man unconscious.

“Damnit- would you stop that!” Celeste shouted, “Brennan should be nearby, I texted her when the two of you exited the arena.”

“Good,” he leaned back in the seat and looked as though he was taking a nap as he reached out for her mind, “Brennan, can you hear me?

Yes, I’m here, but you’re not going to believe who I’m looking at,” she replied.

Jarvis- we know.  He’s right in front of us and if we leave this parking lot, he’ll see us and know that we’ve got Trent.  Can you get to him?  We need him distracted.”

            “No problem,” Brennan replied.

“She’s on it,” Shawn said to Celeste.


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