Taking the GRE’s

I have finally done what I said that I would do 10 years ago upon graduating from college and taken the GRE’s in preparation for applying to a graduate program.  The studying process has been interesting, mainly due to the facts that I’ve moved from DC to Atlanta, registered for a second test, and continued to write a book.  I have tried to give myself a crash course on basic economics and to remember all of my basic algebra and mathematical skills for the quantitative analysis sections to so-so success.  I’ve never been very left brained and I now remember why!

The highlights of the experience were the entire check-in process, the fact that I wasn’t allowed to take my jacket into the testing room, being told to turn out my pockets as I was getting wanded, and the late start because the testing software was malfunctioning.  The entire process wasn’t very different from taking the SAT’s all those many years ago, except that it was all done on the computer, but I am still not sure why we were told to take of all of our watches- even analogue.  How exactly are you supposed to cheat on the exam with an analogue watch, I ask?  Had I already applied to any schools, I’d have been able to get an idea of what my score would be, but as I have not, I will need to wait for the results to arrive in early November.

The big decision to make now will be which graduate program to pursue.  I’ve been functioning under the delusion that I’d look for a Media Mass Communication program with an online option and try to focus on new media, but does that make sense?  My undergraduate degree is in International Relations and I took a Certificate in African Studies.  Thinking back, I’m honestly amazed that I managed to get out with a 2.98 GPA, but that doesn’t help when looking at graduate degrees.

So, I ask the world- what graduate degree will help me to become a gainfully employed adult with a future potential to retire?

And- just because I’m in the mood for cheese:


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