Creative Genius

This is something that my narcissistic little ego would love to be called, but that I know will never happen!  I’m not being self effacing, I just know that the ideas I’ve got jumbling around my head are not avaunt-garde, they just are.  Today was a good creative day 🙂  A couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Batty and I had one of our marathon telephone brainstorming sessions along with a few google chat sessions while she was at work and decided that we need to do a massive re-write of the story line.  Needless to say- I was about to cry!  The feeling that you get when you realize that you’ve got nearly 100 pages of unusable stuff written and that it is your decision to cut it is heart breaking, NAY, a feeling closer to being stood up by your true love at the senior prom!  That being said, I’ve been studying and had decided to put the book aside for a bit to regroup and get my head around the timeline.  Astoundingly, I was able to do I rough outline while sitting at the ‘buckies today that allows me to keep a decent portion of the stuff that we’ve got (with edits and additions) while beefing up the bad factor on a couple of characters that needed it.  In honor of that- I give you My Chemical Romance!  Sorry for the bleeps, but- talk to the FCC.


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