Dagnable Plot Issues

Now that the tests are taken, I’ve got very little in the way of excuses not to focus on writing.  That being said, I have determined that I need to take out approximately 50 pages and drastically edit another 50.  I am feeling very frustrated with my plot right now and my character, James, is just not cooperating.  His entire storyline needed to be revamped because, quite frankly, it was crap.  I’m now toiling with the level of jerkitude, yes I just made that word up, to bestow upon him.

If I turn my character into an 80’s prick, then how can I redeem him?  James does play a role in the grander plot that is larger than this first story and I need him to be a part of the team, but does that mean that I need all of the characters to like him?  I am thinking that he may just end up being that guy the main characters put up with because they need his abilities.  That does sound a little superficial for the good guys, but being shallow is sometimes not a bad or good trait- it just is.  I am realizing that my good and bad meter is blurred to a lovely shade of gray with yellow hues, almost like a sepia tone.

The bad guys are turning out to be a little flat, my good guys aren’t so good, and I’m becoming an exceptionally sadistic God by putting these poor fictional characters through hell at my own little whims.  One of these days, I will be able to say that all of their traumas were worth it, but today is not that day!


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