Sail by the Stars and The Spin Room

I’m no Bob Lefsetz, but I have come across the millions of musicians promoting themselves and their new albums on twitter since finally creating an account earlier this summer.  The award for self promotion is going to go to these two guys- Josh from Sail by the Stars and Nick Miley from The Spin Room (listed alphabetically by band name….).  Not only did they follow me, but when I returned their follow, they didn’t UNfollow me 🙂  I appreciated that.

The one thing that I noticed while listening to the songs that they’ve just released is the feeling I had of being back in middle school when bootleg demos of local bands were all the rage.  I’m not making a comparison of these bands to Black Flag or anything, but the production of the music gave me that feeling.  It’s not overly synthesized or auto-tuned or whatever- I feel like I could be in a bar on a Thursday local’s only night and I like it!  Without further ado, here you go.  If you enjoy the music, please go to iTunes and support these guys by buying their new albums.


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