Blame it on Chris Brewer

Maybe it’s just the barrage of Footloose trailers that are floating around on TV, Radio, and Internet, but I’m having a moment of nostalgic longing.  Oddly, there are no Backstreet Boys or N’Sync involved for me.  When I have a remembrance moment it looks like a flash to the late 80’s on Cold Case, with that fuzzy wash on all of the colors and I’m back in Connecticut.  I mean, of all places to remember, Connecticut?  Anyway, I always think about the movie Pump Up the Volume.  I had such a little girl crush on Christian Slate back then!  I was also in love with Patrick Swayze and, I kid you not, wore out at least 2 VHS copies of Dirty Dancing by watching it soo many times.  The soundtrack to those years was Guns and Roses, Def Leopard, Aerosmith, Dan Fogelberg, Billy Joel, and Cat Stevens.  A few of those have stayed solidly in the musical rotation over the years, though not all.

What is my point?  I’m honestly not sure.  While thinking about Pump Up the Volume, I ran through some old Leonard Cohen classics and it struck me that they are still quite timely.  Everybody Knows has been one of my favorite songs since I heard it in the movie and then that thought leads to a tangent where I think about all of the songs of my youth that I would never have heard and loved unless they had been in a movie.

The entire soundtrack to Fame runs through nearly a year of my life in St. Louis because my mother would not stop playing it.  Flashdance still brings back traumatic memories of having to ride in the back seat of an early 80’s Mazda RX7- and no, that’s not a mistake and yes, that car has no backseat.  Crosby, Stills, and Nash will forever make me crave yuppie style cheese, wine, and crackers.  And, of course, Phantom of the Opera!  Not the movie, we only cared about one recording of Phantom in my home and that was the Original London Cast with Patty Lapone as Christine.  That overture would be my alarm clock every Saturday morning from the time that I was 12 until I left my home for college at 18.

I now sit, watching the Princess Bride for the millionth time, remembering all of the music of my youth and wonder how many young people are going to see this version of Footloose and fall in love with it?  For all of the bitching and moaning you can do about whether or not it’s a crappy movie, people should think back to how many of the movies that they’ve loved throughout the years that were honestly- crappy!  Every movie is not Oscar worthy, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthy.  Most of the films that I will re-watch are critical flops, but I love them.  Hell, just watch the movie Black Sheep, filmed in New Zealand and tell me that it wasn’t AWESOME!

So, in closing, I blame this nostalgia tirade on Footloose director Craig Brewer for bringing this classic back to the big screen, music and all.  Sir, I hope that you are awoken by the overture to Phantom of the Opera on Saturday morning at 6am.


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