The Story is Finally Coming Out

Maybe it’s just that I’ve been able to focus more or maybe it’s that the voices in my head have become more open to divulging their many secrets, but the story of James and Anca is FINALLY coming together.  I’ve said it many time, though not in public, I should have listened to Mrs. Batty sooner.  She nailed the fact that the action of the story is with the James/Anca relationship and the Shawn/Celeste investigation very early on, but I just love Celeste and James so much that I wanted to tell too much of their story.  It was pretty boring.  So, the mission for this week was set at 20 pages.  This doesn’t seem like a lot for a 7 day span, but there is so much time spent staring off into the distance that sometimes 20 pages seems like Mt. Everest.

We are going down a less is more route and that seems to be making more sense.  There may still be more to it, but James isn’t talking.  He is being wonderfully tight lipped about his own short comings so I’ve had to wait on Anca to tell me the whole story.  She is hesitant because she’s feeling a little idiotic for not seeing right through his obvious deceptions.  On the other hand, Celeste has been extremely shy about her role in all of this.  She is the key stone, but just like in a building, she is hidden behind the entire structure and she seems happy to stay that way.  Shawn is still Shawn, which means that he won’t talk at all and I’ve had to rely on Brennan recounting things to me second hand, so you can see how that doesn’t work so well.  Either way- I’m slowly but surely getting to the heart of this story and I’m feeling good about the multitude of changes that have been made so far.  Mrs. Batty and I will sit down tomorrow and work through the opening scene and my new timeline, in synopsis form (gonna pat myself on the back)!  Hopefully she doesn’t say anything insightful that makes me do a face-palm and scream D’Oh!


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