How Far is Too Far?

My inbox has been filling with e-mails from names that I haven’t heard in years.  As always, I will maintain anonymity, but we had all belonged to a club in college and the elder statesman of the group has been putting together a history for the web-site.  I got to read a rough draft and I thought that it was hilarious, but it was scathing.  There were parts about personal rivalries, club rivalries, people coming and going, and even references to how much or little they contributed.  This information is pertinent to me, I did eat, sleep, and breath the club for almost 2 years of my life and it was like a loving hating dysfunctional family to me, but is it relevant to the clubs web site?

My answer was no and I told him just that, but my objections were apparently unfounded.  How much is too much information in this case?  Does the catty nature of all of the squabbles make a club more appealing to someone?  I can only assume that this is the site that people will be directed to if they want scheduling information, contact information, and other such fun and I have this nightmare scenario floating through my mind of people suing the club and the school for defamation.  Maybe I’m being alarmist, maybe not, but that’s what I’ve got on my mind at this moment.


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