A new year, A new world

Good Evening One and All!  It’s been a hot minute since my last post, so I shall give the obligatory update on what has been going on, whether you like it or not 😉  Yours truly has gotten a job!  A real, true, big girl job is what I now have dear readers!  As you can see by the over use of exclamation points, I’m very excited about this.  It’s a position that I’d wanted to get into when I got downsized two years ago and I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with a manager who thinks that I’m a good person to take a chance on.

The past four months have been such an incredible roller coaster that I’m still expecting to blink and find out that it’s all been a dream.  Parts of that are selfish as there are a number of life altering events that have happened that I’d truly wish could be just a nightmare, but they weren’t and I know that and life is going on.  There are also a number of things that have happened that I am terrified to find out were just a joke.  Moving south and getting out of DC has been on of the best moves I’ve made in a long time, but up until 3 weeks ago I was terrified that I’ve made the stupidest, craziest decision of my life.

It may sound cheesy, but over Thanksgiving I did a lot of reflecting on the things that I’m grateful for.  I am fortunate enough to have an incredible and supportive mother, who did not even hesitate to support me through the past three years of life flowing up down and all around.  I have an older brother, who knows when I need to talk and knows when I need to listen and somehow has the ability to to cut straight through any BS I might be spouting.  I have the most incredible group of friends (all of whom I consider my family), who would give the shirt off of their backs to help any one of us and two of them have in fact taken me in WITH my kittehs!  Two beautiful babies will join the family by the new year- one is already here and one is about to say hello.  I could go on for pages in this manner, so I’ll spare you the litany of gratitudes.

My point in addressing the things that I’m grateful for is that none of these things are THINGS, not directly.  The world has broken into a pile of pieces the like of which we haven’t seen since the 1930’s and all that we as people can do is to be wonderful people.  These are the times when an expensive gift may pale in comparison to a coupon book to your loved ones offering your time as a babysitter, lawn mower, dish washer, or some other task that they would appreciate.  The name of the game is appreciation and love.  I tend not to be this sentimental, but I do feel that this needs to be said.  We must help, love, and be considerate of each other or what else have we got left?