Good Intentions Pave the Road to Hell……..

So I feel like a complete and total schmuck right now.  I had some well intended concerns that I voiced to a friend and I overstepped that invisible line- again.  I do seem to have a special talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment to the wrong person, unlike my brother who says the wrong thing to the right person in the right moment.  Needless to say- I upset them.  THEN, as if I hadn’t effed it up enough, I made a suggestion later in the day that they decided to take and it went terribly so by the time both of these friends got home, they were in a terrible mood and fighting and I can only think right now that I instigated that with all of these damned good intentions.  $%*&!  

Where is that invisible line?  This is a serious question because there is a reason I’m referred to by many as a bitch and it’s because I just don’t see it some times and something that I don’t see as horribly rude or insensitive or even just mean will come out of my mouth.  I know that it’s me because if there are THAT many incredibly sensitive people in the world, then I would be very shocked.  I don’t know.  I wish that there were more of a point to this post or that I had some deeper meaning to convey other that I feel like a complete asshole right now, then I have truly missed it.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?









Happy Friday One and All!  Aside from realizing as I googled images for this post that Jack was a VERY handsome lad in his youth, it dawned upon me that many of the group therapy scene images resemble my home when there is an open bottle of wine or two.  What brings on this ode to Mr. Nicholson you ask?  Well, not Jack.  I checked in on the site today and saw that yesterday I had gotten 1275 hits all searching the name of Nick Stahl and his wife (ex-wife?) Rose Murphy.

According to the Huffington Post and many other news outlets- actually, many more than I would have expected to pick up this story- reported that Rose had filed a missing person’s report on Nick this past Monday.  One site was saying that an unnamed source said simply that he does this some times and he will be back, where the headline mentioning Skid Row as the last place he was seen is floating around the rest.

I honestly feel pretty bad for his family, they must be going out of their minds, but I just have to say that it must be nice to simply be able to wake up one day and check out of your own life.  It would be one thing if nobody had noticed that the man had run away, but there is no foul play suspected and it appears that he was having difficulty and decided to get up and run away.  Seriously?!  I have no sympathy for this.  There were sooooooo many moments in the past 10 years that I wanted to do exactly this- to just walk away- and guess what, I didn’t have that option because as an adult you have obligations.

I digress.  So, I end up seeing over a thousand hits by people searching the web for his name and I will admit that I’m surprised.  Aside from Terminator 3, he pretty much stuck to non-blockbuster projects.  Hell, I have to hunt down some of the movies this guy has done!  There is a special place in my heart for Mr. Stahl- we share the same birthday, therefore, my fellow Sagittarius will get my support, well, that and I like him as an actor, but I still can’t get it out of my head that if the reports are true (not yet proven), the man walked away- just left.

There is something to be said for being the person that fights against all odds for anything as well as knowing when to throw in the towel and move on, but how do you determine when to do either?  I would hope that I’m not the only one out there, but there are at least 4 pivotal moments since the winter of 1997 that I can remember vividly during which I really should have been able to have a nervous breakdown.  I didn’t have that luxury; there was a real world to deal with at the same time.  What would drive someone to the point where all of the people, places, and things that you are no longer matter and you can disappear?  Granted, it really isn’t that hard to disappear.  Well, maybe Nick is having a little harder time, but let’s face it, he’s not THAT widely recognized outside of LA.

This entire thought process, of course, brought me to thinking of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  It was a bit of a toss-up with the Shining, but the image in my mind was of Jack Nicholson looking nutty because Stahl frequently reminds me (in image) of a crazy Jack Nicholson.  The questions that I’m left with, and will probably never get answered are these:

1. Why would you just walk away and how did you pull it off?

2. Is this really how you deal with the world falling apart around you? Really?!

3. Did you meet Bigfoot while hiding in the Pacific Northwest with an aged DB Cooper?

Death, The Tower, and Change

ImageI find myself thinking quite a lot about change recently.  There has been change in my personal life, change in my professional life, change in my country, and change in the world.  I ask my ceiling many nights if this is how people living through the Civil War or both World Wars felt day in and day out as the world seemingly collapsed around them.  I find myself wondering- what is security?  What does it now mean to have a stable life?

These may seem like silly questions, but I am confident that there are millions of people in the world asking the exact same thing.  Global and social change has been rampant for the past 50 years at a mind boggling pace that is only speeding up and we are living in a time where the Darwinian adage of adapt or die is glaringly evident.  Long gone are the days when you can presume to pledge your professional loyalty to any one company.  Long gone are the days when divorce was rare.  Long gone are the days of thinking that the nuclear family is the pinnacle of a successful and happy life.  So I ask, now what?

With uncertainty tainting everything around us, how do we continue to evolve, to strive, for something more?  This turbulence is nothing more than a blip on the radar of history, no matter how harsh the world seems at this moment, and there are no guarantees that anything will get “better”, but there surely will be a new normal when this wave is done.

Another pivotal election faces the USA, there are pseudo-nazi’s marching in Greece, the European economy (though not as bad as during the Great Depression) is in shambles and in-fighting looms dangerously over every Presidency and Dictatorship.  Will there be another world war?  Sadly, it seems quite possible at this time and I am not confident that we have learned the lessons of the past century well enough to avoid it.  Maybe it will be a war of sanctions, maybe it will be something else, but I cannot see anyone launching a military offensive like WWI and WWII, simply because both sides will annihilate each other too quickly.

What I see, and pray will not be the case, is that a lot of good intentions and hard line policies will create a new type of economic catastrophe and that this will span the globe.  As much as I am loathe to make comparisons, Atlas Shrugged is a good cautionary tale for the leadership of the world.  Men, women, and children need hope.  They need to be able to see a future for themselves, for a family, in order to be happy.  We need to strive for something or we will fester and die because we no longer see the point.

That is all- my rant is done.