Good Intentions Pave the Road to Hell……..

So I feel like a complete and total schmuck right now.  I had some well intended concerns that I voiced to a friend and I overstepped that invisible line- again.  I do seem to have a special talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment to the wrong person, unlike my brother who says the wrong thing to the right person in the right moment.  Needless to say- I upset them.  THEN, as if I hadn’t effed it up enough, I made a suggestion later in the day that they decided to take and it went terribly so by the time both of these friends got home, they were in a terrible mood and fighting and I can only think right now that I instigated that with all of these damned good intentions.  $%*&!  

Where is that invisible line?  This is a serious question because there is a reason I’m referred to by many as a bitch and it’s because I just don’t see it some times and something that I don’t see as horribly rude or insensitive or even just mean will come out of my mouth.  I know that it’s me because if there are THAT many incredibly sensitive people in the world, then I would be very shocked.  I don’t know.  I wish that there were more of a point to this post or that I had some deeper meaning to convey other that I feel like a complete asshole right now, then I have truly missed it.


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