Poetry: number 2

Saturday has come again! On this particular day I’ve been looking back more than I probably should and came across an old notebook with, you guessed it, old poetry :-). I’ve done a bit of editing and promise to wait 2 more years before subjecting you to any more of it!

The strength you cannot name
A walking contradiction
Yet still you walk
Toward that void
The unknown
Cavernous pit
You are thrown
Again and again
By ghosts you cannot touch
To a hell unknown
Still you walk
Still you fight
Enemy in the mirror
Distorted truth
Dreams of tomorrow
The death of a foe
That transcendent moment of truth
You regret for the rest of your life
And still you walk
Still you pray
Calloused and bruised
Bloody and worn
You march
Toward the future
So fleeting.


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