Sunday Punny Sunday

Good evening one and all.  I start my new job tomorrow, though it really only means that I’m getting my own office- who knew!  So, naturally, I can’t sleep.  It’s like the first day of school.  I was NEVER anxious to go, but I was still jittery every time.  There was this recurring terror that I’d be late- don’t ask, I’m still not sure.

This does seem like as good a time as any to reflect upon the stupid that has crash landed on the news front today.  Yes, I am speaking about you, you imbecile, Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri.  You make me utterly embarrassed to have come from that state.  In WHAT reality could your statement (click here to read) have been considered anything other than fictitious?!  Next you’ll want to tell me that you’re really the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard and can fart rainbows in your space ship, because, frankly, that’s more believable.  I could go on for hours and days about this one, but the heartening thing to see is that for the minority of morons who agree with him, the rest of us are jaw-dropped at the stupidity of this man.  This is probably a day that Senator Claire McCaskill, who had been trailing in the poll by 11 points must be popping a bottle of Dom!

The next one was all of the e-mails that I got from Amnesty International over the past 2 days (I clicked like on something once- ONCE) telling me about how we need to help free Pussy Riot.  I can’t lie- I giggled just typing that- but on a serious note, why are we surprised?  We are referring to Russia.  This is a country that used to be run by communists and who have continually elected and ignored the ballot rigging of their current President, who happens to be a former KGB muckity muck.  I applaud what they did.  You can’t change something if you don’t try, and they did.  They’ve been getting fantastic global pressure and scrutiny aimed at Putin, but the reality is that they were always going to go to prison for their protest.

One that just made me laugh in a very morbid sort of way was the announcement that Bo Xilai’s Wife (Click here for story) received a suspended death sentence from the Chinese courts for murdering the British man, Heywood.  Just gonna shake my head on this one.

The one that actually made me laugh out loud was the report in Business Week about the early repayment of Iceland’s Bailout moneys (Click here for story).  Apparently, they are now ready to admit that a country of people who have survived off of the most interesting blend of berries, blubber, and pickled god-knows-what for generations might know how to handle their own problems.  Spot on guys!

Alright, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but I’m nearly ready to sever all of my links to the news media as we close in on the Republican and Democratic national conventions.  I don’t need to spend the next 4 months listening to these two sides try to win over the country, I have no stomach for it.  Hell, even IF I had been inclined to elect Mittens into office, he sealed my vote for Obama the instant he picked Paul Ryan as his VP.  Not since the Women’s Suffrage movement and the Civil Rights movement have politicians been so proud to be chauvinistic bigots and it make me sick while also embarrassed to be an America.  Canada, Belgium, Ireland- any chance you’ll take me back?

I leave you with this statement, dear readers.


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