The interviewer and Mr. Kill make a good point- when was the last time you heard something that struck you like a ton of bricks? Something that just hit you upside the head with it’s newness? I’ve found myself revisiting artists in lieu of trying to sift through the auto-tuned crap that passes for top 40 radio in this day and age. I don’t care if you can’t sing in 4 octaves so long as you’ve got a good song and understand that art form that you’ve chosen to express yourself with. A kick ass bass line wouldn’t hurt either 😉 ENJOY! and thank you to for the fantastic site!

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Right now, industrial techno music is all the rage. While you’re listening to the new acts or reliving some pioneers like Nine Inch Nails, there’s an up-and-coming artist you should be noticing. Negative Earth takes a modern twist to some industrial dark rock. Or, as Trev Kill likes to call it, electronic gravity rock.

“I think that most of today’s genres are a bit inane.  There are so many new classifications out there for music that it gets ridiculous.  I hate to categorize myself into a genre, but to attract the right listeners to my sound I need to label myself somehow. Electronic Gravity Rock is just a more interesting way to describe the sound as being of the Heavy Electronic Rock genre,” he says. “It was kind of a joke at first but it started to grow on me.”

Negative Earth is mostly made up from the efforts of Trev…

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