I’ll Still Be Waiting…….

Spring is ending and summer is here, though if you really ask I’d have said it were summer ages ago, solstice be damned.  I’ve been waxing nostalgic about the years when I was in school and living for summer break.  The anticipation of freedom and the promise of adventure that, well, lets face it, never happened for me.  So much of my youth was spent buried in a book that I had this warped idea of what I should have been doing to be the free and adventurous person that I’d always felt I truly was.  The reality of summer was a lot of time spent in the house by myself or at a summer camp or at the local swim club.  If I think hard enough, I could probably come up with something that would resemble an adventure from those years, but for the most part I wasn’t enjoying myself and I really don’t care to recollect the time period.

High School was a bit different.  Maybe it was just that I was too old for willful oblivion anymore, but I was also of an age where I could choose to leave my house and go sit around at someone elses house, so that probably counts for something.  This is when I fondly remember leaving my house late at night with a need to move- to DO something- but not knowing where to go or what to do.  Mostly I would walk around the neighborhood, but frequently I’d go an see if a friend of mine down the street was awake and willing to drive around aimlessly with me or go and get a cup of coffee at the dinner- just something.

As an adult, I’m realizing that this feeling doesn’t really go away.  You simply replace it with a longing to ditch all of your responsibilities and backpack through South East Asia for 6 months (which would be AWESOME by the way).  I personally dream of being nomadic and exploring the world.  Realistically, I know that I would still have the same restlessness regardless of location.  This all begs one question- what am I waiting for?  Any thoughts world?