A Reading for Deandona

Good Morning One and All!  At long last, I’ve had a volunteer agree to let me record their reading so that I might provide you with a sample reading both with and without a significator being used.  This is only one test reading, so please if you have any doubts and are wanting to change to one method of divination or the other, do your own test.

Reading Number 1: With a Significator being used

Deandona is being represented by the Queen of Cups.  Please excuse the blurriness of the picture, but I do need to get a better camera.  All of the cards will be spelled out underneath the image.

Card 1:  Queen of Cups- Significatior

Card 2:  Six of Pentacles

Card 3:  King of Swords

Card 4:  Page of Swards- Inverted

Card 5:  Medicine Wheel

Card 6:  3 of Pentacles

Card 7:  8 of Cups- Inverted

Card 8:  The Lovers- Inverted

Card 9:  2 of Cups

Card 10:  The Emperess

Reading Number 2: Without Significator being used

Card 1:  6 of Cups

Card 2:  7 of Cups

Card 3:  The Magician

Card 4:  The Emperor- Inverted

Card 5:  9 of Cups- Inverted

Card 6:  Queen of Wands

Card 7:  Page of Pentacles

Card 8:  Queen of Pentacles

Card 9:  King of Cups

Card 10:  Ace of Swords

There you go!

Pull out your books and interpret away 🙂  I would love to hear from each and every one of you what you have gleaned from these two different spreads and what your opinion is of significator use!


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