How do I Shuffle Them?

When I was first interested in the Tarot there were the basic questions of- how do you do that?  Well, now that we’ve chosen a deck, we need to move to the next step- using the cards.

I first read the instruction manual- yes, complicated, I know.  Most commercial Tarot decks have a booklet in the packaging that will give you descriptions of the meanings of each card as well as a couple of different spreads to use when “dealing” the cards.  Based upon the long line of Mac’s and Mc’s in my genealogy, I have always felt a special bond with the basic Celtic Cross Spread (, but there are many and numerous ways that are the “right” way to deal the cards- all you need to do is google it to find out.  And with all of these many pages dedicated to the spread and type of deck, it is a lot harder to get an answer to the question- how do you shuffle them?

One thing that I agree with whole heartedly is that if you are doing a reading for another person- they must be the ones to shuffle the cards.  I’ve seen many questions from people asking how to shuffle to avoid inverted cards and I actually laugh.  It is not the point to encourage or discourage the cards position- that’s what card sharks do.  If you want to believe everything about the cards, then trying to influence the position would not change the outcome of what is dealt.  So, my suggestion, if you are able, is to just shuffle them like a deck of playing cards.  You may want to switch it up and just put the cards on a table and shuffle them by making a mess, but neither way is wrong.

Cutting the deck is another one of those things that I get way too many different answers to the same question.  The cut that I’ve been liking recently is a three way cut.  You take the shuffled deck in you hand and you place the top third all the way to the left, the center to the right of the fist cut, and the bottom to the right of the middle cut.  Pick up the middle section first, followed by the top section underneath the middle and the bottom underneath the top.  At this point- you are ready to lay down your cards and answer the question being asked 😀


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