The Celtic Cross Spread

What is the Celtic Cross Spread?  This is the most widely shown method of using your Tarot deck to divine the answers to your questions.  So I ask again- what is this?

Thanks to Google, I found this image of the spread, which has the definitions of each position posted within it.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Position 1 is where the significator would be used if you are choosing to divine with one.  The definition of the spread provided by this particular Paranormal Studies site does not seem to adhere to the belief that a significator should be used, but as I’ve said before- to each their own and if it feels right to do so, then go ahead and use it. 😀

Here are the positions used with the Celtic Cross Spread as defined by my go to tarot deck, the Herbal Tarot:

“Card 1: Present Position- Atmosphere in which the questioner is presently working and living.  Influences on the questioner.  This card also represents the questioner.

Card 2: Immediate Influences- The nature of the influences or the obstacles that lie just ahead.  This card crosses the questioner.

Card 3: Goal or Destiny.  The ultimate goal of destiny of the questioner. The best that can be accomplished by the questioner based on existing circumstances.  This card may also represent the questioner’s aim or ideal within the present frame of reference. This card crowns the questioner.

Card 4: Distant Past Foundation- The broad and basic events and influences which existed in the past upon which the present events are based. This card is behind the questioner.

Card 5: Recent Past Events- The most recent sphere of influence or events that has passed or is just passing. The card may represent distant past influences exerting pressure on recent events. This card is beneath the questioner.

Card 6: Future influence- In a broad sense, the sphere of influence that is coming into being in the near future. This card is in front of the questioner.”

The instructions tell you to read these first 6 cards first and then to place the next 4, but I typically will place all of the cards at once, unless I’m having space issues.

“Card 7: The Questioner- The questioner’s present position or attitude within the circumstances. This card is used to place the questioner in proper perspective.

Card 8: Environmental Factors- The questioner’s influence on other people and his or her own position in life. Tendencies and factors that exist with respect to other person who may have an effect on the questioner.

Card 9: Inner Emotions-  The inner hopes, hidden emotions and secret desires, fears and anxieties of the questioner. Includes those thoughts which will come to the mind of the questioner in the future.

Card 10: Final Results- The culmination and results of all the influences revealed by the other cards in the divination, provided events and influences continue as indicated.”

I like this particular spread, as most do I would assume, because with all of the positions of the card and the attributes of each relating to a specific influence, I am forced to think.  The primary usage of the Tarot for me is to try to take the problem/question that I am seeking guidance on and within the spread and through the definitions of the card try to think about the issue on a larger scale.  Some people make lists, some people draw graphs, others talk to psychiatric professionals- I read my cards.

Remember that there is always more than one perspective to any issue and yours is not always the correct view of the situation.  If you open your mind to the possibility the you may be wrong and out of line, then you may survive the world.


3 thoughts on “The Celtic Cross Spread

  1. Icks says:

    I would ask you to read what is written in the picture and what is written in the description step by step, because the description of some cards, doesn’t match the picture. Particulary cards 3-4-5.

    • Simone Ludlow says:

      Good catch 🙂 this is because I use the Herbal Tarot which calls each position something a little different whereas the picture is not of the Herbal Tarot.

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