“I have too many flaws to be perfect, but I have too many blessings to be ungrateful”

(Quote taken from ziglar.com)

I’m still here.  I won’t apologize for my absence this time because, well, I just won’t.  It’s been another hectic few months and too many ups and a lot of downs that it does no good to muse on.  In the past week, though, a fantastic milestone has been reach and Battysgirls and I are officially at the 300 page mark in the book.  The better part of that is the fact that they are 300 USABLE pages!!!

We are finally at a point where I can see an end to Book 1 and it’s an end we are both excited about, at least I think both of us are 😉  So, in honor of the apex of this hill being within sight, (no surprise here) I’m going to post a playlist that makes me feel the hell that we’ve put each of these characters through so far followed by a few songs that hint at their endings.










Iris and Daniel:



Cold War Kids might have jinxed us

I was driving home from Philadelphia today and damned if I didn’t have a Cold War Kids song come onto my IPod and he kept singing that things could be much worse.  Well, thanks a lot guys all of your examples of how it could be worse have come to pass.  I will now deem you all Doom-saying Casandra’s and politely request that you start to sing that it could be worse- people now have jobs and there are not any natural disasters.