Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Happy Thursday everyone!  A little late, but better than never, I’ve finally seen Transformers 3 (in 3D no less!!).  While in Philadelphia I was able to meet up with Mr. Batduck and geek out a little by going to watch a movie that we both know Mrs. Batty would not have had any interest in so we ended up at the theater of the King of Prussia Mall with our Real D 3D glasses on.

I have enjoyed the franchise up to this point, but was really not too thrilled with the second movie.  The plot and action seemed thrown in to make a loud noise as opposed to advancing the story, but they do appear to have rectified this in the 3rd installment- to a point.  The comedic moments were very funny, the new chick (who looked a lot like the other girl to me) did a great job and her character added some dimension to Sam’s story-line in my humble opinion, and the action made more sense because they were fighting off an invasion.  I’m not sure why that made a difference for me, but it did.

All in all- I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 for sheer entertainment value.  Good job Mr. Bay!